is a three year research project for restoration of mangrove in all coastal areas as a protective shield against effects of Global Warming and increased production of sea food, in addition to effective mitigation of Green House Gases.

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is a pilot project to develop sustainable livelihood opportunities as an alternative to destruction of mangrove forests with production of healthy sweetener as nypa golden nectar.

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is to rescue endangered wild orchids and to create livelihood opportunities in growing of endemic orchids in mangrove forests as alternative to destruction of mangrove forests.

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is a community micro credit project to empower poor families with simple solar lights to be financed by saving costs of candle lights. The solar light revolution can provide bright light to the 8 million households in Myanmar without electricity.

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A RECONCILIATION PROJECT between Singhalese, Tamils and Muslims. WAR WIDOWS were given livelihood support and micro credit based solar lamps. The national reconciliation project has been widened to include practical assistance to war widows in the East and North Provinces of Sri Lanka with livelihood training and help to obtain solar rechargable lamps as part of the project Lights4Life. It is estimated that the 30 year long civil war created up to 80,000 war widows, many left with small children without proper livelihood. Their scattered lives needs urgent rehabilitation. The project gives training and support in income generating and livelihood orientation. The first training has been completed in basket weaving using local raw material. The project helps to introduce new designs and to market the products with proper income to the widows. Other livelihood activities will be added as the project expands in the future with your immense support.

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Worldview pioneered organic agriculture in 1996 by taking over a neglected farm and turn it into a demonstration project. The farm holds today more than 800 different plants as part of its bio-diversity strategy and has developed value added production of organic green tea, organic virgin coconut oil, fruits and spices, all classified as highly beneficial to health. The farm activities also includes Eco Tourism and village development benefitting people in the area. It has introduced a new social responsible marketing concept called Equal Trade which guarantees farmers higher returns than from any other social responsible marketing concept. The farm is working in close cooperation with Monaqui Porter's Global Connect in USA for product development and international marketing, and is planning to expand new marketing initiatives in partnership in selected minority communities in USA as part of a global village concept.

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  • Established "Democratic Voice of Burma" (short wave radio) and "Freed Nigeria" (short wave radio) in support of human rights and democracy
  • Fact-finding commission on human rights in co-operation with the international Authors Union; Yemen, Nigeria, South Korea, Turkey, and Cuba
  • International Parliamentarian Commission; Burma
  • Right to development (regional Asian project with ESCAP)
  • Conflict resolution in co-operation with UNICEF; Sri Lanka
  • Nobel Peace Laureate Network for human rights and democracy
  • Nobel Prize Laureates footprint park
  • Artists for Peace concerts
  • Nobel Prize Laureate Network in support of Aung San Suu Kyi, Dalai Lama, Ramos Horta and other champions of Democracy and Human Rights
  • SITAMU reconciliation project; Sri Lanka
  • Production of 180 videos and TV programs on human rights for national and international networks
  • Communication support to National Smallholder rice project - The Gambia
  • Multimedia agriculture extension program - Syria
  • Small farmers project - Nepal
  • Agricultural Bank education project - Pakistan
  • Mashreq community poject - Jordan
  • Training in rural communication - Sri Lanka
  • Saving & credit schemes for villagers - The Gambia
  • Ruvral poverty alleviation scheme for women - Botswana
  • Development support communication project - Bangladesh
  • Village and community development - Sri Lanka
  • Participatory video training - Bangladesh and Nepal
  • Community development & food production - Nicaragua, Peru, Colombia
  • Motivational videos on poverty reduction in Asia (Frames for change) in cooperation with Asian Development Bank
  • Media for the Disadvantaged in cooperation with Asian Development Bank
  • Established Paradise Farm in support of organic agriculture in Sri Lanka
  • SMART village projects to bridge the digital divide
  • Boats4Life replacing 1700 lost fishing boats after Tsunami in 2005
  • Women’s development through participatory planning and communication Sri Lanka
  • Self employment in small businesses Batswana
  • Awareness project for Atoll women Maldives
  • Participatory video training of tribal women in Nepal
  • Fuel saving cooking stove program The Gambia
  • Leadership training for women Botswana
  • Women and child development Maldives
  • Anti-smoking and Nutrition campaign Maldives
  • Training in vocational skills Mozambique
  • Sexual and reproductive health program The Gambia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Kenya
  • Training women for change Botswana
  • Leadership training for women Tanzania, and Sierre Leone
  • Communication support Grameen Bank Bangladesh
  • AIDS awareness projects
  • Women Literacy Projects Bangladesh and Nepal
  • Indigenous food plants program - Kenya
  • Management of water resources - Syria
  • Tree planting & seedling nurseries - Kenya
  • TV quiz and calendar on environmental education - Sri Lanka
  • Production of 230 environmental videos and films for YA TV and international networks
  • Extermination of opium poppy cultivation and crop diversification - Thailand
  • Northern Hill Tribe Project Thailand
  • Forest conservation and tree planting campaign - The Gambia and Sri Lanka
  • Southern region agricultural rehabilitation project - Sudan
  • Community management & water supply project - Bangladesh
  • Rainforest conservation - Brazil
  • Village farm forestry program - Bangladesh
  • National tree plantation campaign - Sri Lanka
  • Social forestry program - Bangladesh
  • Environmental awareness campaign - Nepal
  • Soil conservation - Pakistan
  • Environmental awareness and organic farming - Indonesia
  • Restoration of mangrove forests - Myanmar and The Gambia
  • Protection of Nypa Palms as livelihood project - Myanmar
  • Rescue of endangered orchid species - Myanmar
  • Tree planting projects Africa in cooperation with Wangari Maathai’s Green Belt Movement
  • Solar still water purification project - Somalia
  • Established Young Asia Television (YATV) – 40 million viewers
  • Established International NGO Environmental Consortium
  • E stablished 18 national media centers in Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America
  • Video and TV production training; The Gambia, Sierra Leone Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Botswana, Tanzania, Mozambique, Sudan, Algeria, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives, Bangladesh, Peru, Nicaragua, Colombia
  • Initiated National TV in Nepal
  • First TV training in Sri Lanka
  • Established communication unit of Grameen Bank, Bangladesh
  • Community radio; Botswana, Nepal and Sri Lanka
  • Created Mandate the Future, the first social Internet project for youth in promotion of sustainable development with 100,000 active grass root participants
  • Distant Education for Public Servants
  • Village PDA for sustainable development
  • Solar Village Radio Towers Nepal and Thailand
  • Internet learning centers
  • Street singers Bangladesh
  • Mobile agricultural theatre Syria and Yemen
  • Night blindness prevention program in Bangladesh and Nepal (over 10 million beneficiaries) prevented thousands of children from blindness and child mortality due to A-vitamin deficiency
  • Food production program - Syria, Sudan, Kenya, The Gambia, Nepal, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Algeria, Jordan and Sri Lanka
  • Awareness creation for AIDS & STD - Maldives, Thailand, The Gambia, Sri Lanka, Botswana, Nepal and Bangladesh
  • Communication training for health workers - Sri Lanka and Nepal
  • Oral rehydration therapy program Nepal, Bangladesh and India
  • Health education - Mozambique and India
  • Community management project on water and sanitation - Bangladesh
  • Caring for growing children - Sri Lanka
  • National social marketing of immunization - Nepal
  • National Diarrhea prevention project - Nepal
  • Street children video project - Brazil
  • Preventive health care - Kenya
  • Child survival project (with UNICEF) - Kenya, Nepal and Bangladesh
  • Education for conflict resolution with 10,000 school and weekly TV programs - Sri Lanka
  • Adolescent communication training for sexual health (with international family health) - The Gambia, Nepal and Sri Lanka
  • Small Farmers project (in cooperation with IFAD) Kenya, Nepal, and Bangladesh

Highlights of 680 projects implemented during 34 years service of participatory communication and public education for sustainable development